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We are open daily at our JFK stand (formerly Shopko) from 9am - 1pm, through Sunday, July 10th. Our sweet corn begins Monday, July 11th.  Starting July 11th, our JFK stand will be opening at 8am on weekdays, and 9am on weekends, until 5pm or sold out, whichever comes first.  Our Blain's location will open beginning July 11th.  It will be open daily from 9am until 3pm or sold out, whichever comes first.

During the last 10 years, our sweet corn has began between July 3rd and July 14.  Our earliest ever start to our sweet corn season was on June 24, 2012.  The timing of our first sweet corn date depends completely on the weather in the early growing season.  We have typically planted our first sweet corn between April 1st and April 22th. 

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Fincel's Sweet Corn is a proud part of the farmer's market tradition in Dubuque, IA. We offer fresh, locally grown produce of the highest quality, and have voluntarily chosen NOT to use GMO seeds. 

In the spring, from the first Dubuque Outdoor Farmer's Market of the season, we offer hanging flower baskets, hanging cherry tomato baskets, bedding plants, and spring onions, radishes, rhubarb, and asparagus. During the summer months, we grow and sell a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, onions, sugar pea pods, green beans, yellow beans, potatoes, beets, cucumbers, zucchini, muskmelon, watermelon, tomatoes, eggplant, green and red bell peppers, several varieties of hot peppers, cabbage, squash, pumpkins, gourds, and of course, our world famous sweet corn.

Our produce is available throughout the Dubuque Farmer's Market season, from May through October.  We pride ourselves in continuing to offer an artisanal product.   We plant and harvest in many of the same ways as in earlier generations.  Our produce is all handpicked.  Our produce is truly a mastered craft in this modern age.  Come see us soon to experience and enjoy fruits and vegetables of the best flavor, freshness, and quality!

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